Student Transitions and Family Programs at Emerson College is teaming up with to offer Tribute videos to families in celebration of Family Weekend. The Tribute platform makes it easy for you to invite siblings, grandparents and other family members to collect photos and videos, and compile them into a support-filled montage. Let's make sure your student hears and sees the appreciation, love, and encouragement from their loved ones this fall.

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Experience the Power of a Tribute!

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Wondering how it works?

Creating a Tribute is simple and delightful.

In 3 easy steps, you can create a profoundly meaningful video montage for your occasion.
What used to take 10 hours, now takes ten minutes with Tribute.

Invite Your Friends

Invite friends and family to join the celebration.

Collect Videos

Everyone gets a prompt, makes a video and uploads it.

Compile Your Tribute

Drag and drop the videos in the order you like and share!


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