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Questions to answer in your video
  • WHO ARE YOU? Contact’s name, title, company name, location, number of employees, etc.
  • HOW DO YOU USE GSP? Imported products, source country or countries, tariffs faced (dollar or percent) in absence of GSP.
  • WHY IS RENEWAL IMPORTANT TO YOU? What has GSP helped you do in the past? How is Covid affecting operations? How would GSP expiration compound problems? What steps would you take if Congress does not renew GSP?
  • Use the phrase “renew GSP” as part of your closing (e.g., “that’s why we need Congress to renew GSP before it expires” or “so I’m asking Congress to renew GSP this year”).
  • Use props! Show Congress what you import under GSP, and if it’s used to manufacture something else, show the “after” too!
  • Record from an interesting location! The videos are a chance to show off your workplace and workers in a way that meeting in Washington, DC cannot. Take advantage of it!
  • Keep the whole video under 3 minutes, and each question ideally 30-45 seconds.
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