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Create a Wedding Video Toast That Will Last Forever

What other wedding gift brings everyone together in any time zone to celebrate the union of two souls? Tribute wedding video montage is easy to make and impossible to forget. 60 seconds to start. No editing skills required.

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Say "I Do" to the Best Wedding Video Maker

In just a few simple steps, you can invite others, collect their videos, and compose the perfect unique wedding video! Tribute’s user-friendly wedding video maker helps you create a professional quality video montage the happy couple will enjoy for life.

Toast the Newlyweds
Use Tribute’s user-friendly wedding video maker for your video montage

Our Products

DIY Tribute is perfect for adding flair to your wedding videos

DIY $29

Want to put on all the special touches? Our DIY Tribute is perfect for adding your own creative flair each step of the way!

  • Use our suite of tools to invite friends and family to celebrate the special couple, collect everyone’s videos, and edit the final video on your own time.
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Use our concierge services for your wedding video montage

Concierge $99

Let us lend a helping hand! Our concierge team will handle the entire process for you as your Tribute is reviewed, edited, and delivered.

  • Dedicated concierge chat service.
  • Automatic email reminders for your project.
  • Seamless video delivery assistance.
  • Custom title/ending slides, video trimming, transitions, and complementary music added.
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Millions are Using Tribute for
Wedding Videos

See how Tribute has brought tears of joy to people all around the world:

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Tribute Wedding Video Montage for Steph & Jason

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Tribute Wedding Video Montage for Shea & Stephen

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Tribute Wedding Video Montage for Javier Melgar y Kelly de Melgar

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Celebrate loved ones with a surprise wedding video montage!
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My sister and her husband (Chris and Paul) said they were so delighted with their Tribute Album. The video book you sent us is about as close to a perfect wedding present as one can hope for.
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I can’t wait to have another celebration to send a Tribute!! This truly is a remarkable way to celebrate to let people know much they are loved.
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This is an amazing way to celebrate our loved ones and I want to congratulate the whole team behind this tool which helps so many people remain connected through these difficult times.

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