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"The only way to improve upon a traditional birthday card is to make it interactive. Tribute is sure to be a keepsake for years to come."
"Sending a Tribute might just be one of the best morale-boosting presents you can send during these trying times."
"And get this: A reported 82 percent of recipients cry (happy tears, of course)."
"Tribute has sent more than five million videos through their online platform, and they’re on a mission to help people share their love, gratitude and support."
"The perfect way to celebrate a special occasion virtually! Score some serious brownie points with the ultimate gift, a tribute video greeting."

Designed for meaningful human connection

For years 100-years, we have given greeting cards even though we could write those messages on a normal piece of paper… why?
It’s simple, design matters. Don’t settle for a text message on a special occasion.  Use Tribute Greetings to package your celebratory message into a digital greeting that makes it extra special.

How does Greetings work?

We created greetings so that you can send a meaningful message and great gift in the blink of an eye. Designed with care for the pace of your life.

1. Choose Your Card
Select a beautifully designed cover for your greeting
2. Add Your Message
Pick your  prompt and record a meaningful message
3. Share Your Greeting
You can add a gift card before sharing with the recipient

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Greetings for every occasion

For the big and small moments of life, Tribute makes it easier to stay connected with the people who matter most.

Thank You
Just Because
New Baby

Greetings + Gifts — A Perfect Combo

You can add a gift card to your greeting with just a few clicks. We have assembled a marketplace with all of your favorite retailers. The message is what matters most, this is just icing on the cake!

Send a Greeting Card Today!
Tribute Greetings are free to send.

The (Almost) 5 Star Gift

People around the world love Tribute. Don't take our word for it—Tribute has earned 4.7 stars on Facebook.

We designed Tribute Greetings to help you celebrate everyday moments and the connections that matter to you. Send a beautifully designed greeting to say happy birthday, thank you, or simply to let someone know you are thinking about them. You can even add a free coffee, or amazon gift card to make their day.