Questions to answer in your video
  • Q: How long should my video be?

    A: No longer than 1 minute.

  • Q: What kind of memory should I be sure to include?

    A: Think about your time at GW: What was your 'Only at GW' moment? Why? How did it make an impact on your time at GW - and perhaps in your life afterward? Let us know.
Tips for recording:
  • Make sure you are not backlit, or you’ll appear as a silhouette. All lighting should be in front of your face!
  • If you’re filming on a phone, make sure you are in LANDSCAPE mode instead of portrait mode.
  • If you can, avoid background noise – we want to hear you clearly.
  • Keep your camera at eye level with your head/shoulders centered, and a bit of space above your head for any cropping we need to do.
  • Remember to mute any notifications! Receiving a text or pop-up while recording will be heard on video – even if your phone is on vibrate.
  • We remain sensitive to social distancing and masking. Therefore, videos filmed in large crowds with improper safety precautions cannot be considered at this time.
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Christine Brown-Quinn
March 2, 2021, 9:57 p.m.
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