Retirement Tribute for Frank Lalor

Retirement Tribute for Frank Lalor

Organized by Nicki Ross

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Frank Lalor

What are we doing?

Since we can't get together in person, we are creating a video montage for Frank Lalor. It will only take you a minute to film and submit your video. It should make for an unforgettable gift that shares our collective love and appreciation. Have a great T2T memory? Want to share the impact Frank and T2T have had on you or your organization? What's something you learned from Frank over the years? Record a video with your phone (horizontally) and submit it here. We will edit it together and share it with him.

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  • What's one of your favorite Table to Table memories or moments with Frank? Share a message of the impact that Frank and/or T2T have had on you/the community.
  • What's something you've learned from Frank?


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How do I record a great video?

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