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Who is Tribute for?

We are on a mission to spread gratitude and human connection in the world.

We build technology that helps people share more of the appreciation, love and support that connects us deeply with the people that matter to us. This simple act will transform our relationships, lives and the world

Start a Tribute

Connect with your relatives on any occasion.


Build a positive work culture of appreciation


Never forget a treasured friend’s special occasions


Appreciation for colleagues and all levels of management

Loved ones

Shower your loved ones with gratitude


Capture powerful testimonials and community stories

Religious services

Connect with your congregation and ministers


Capture content from volunteers, donors and constituents

Why choose Tribute?

Meaningful Gift

More meaningful/impactful than a birthday card

Cherish Forever

A gift guaranteed to delight recipients for many years

Tears of Joy

Did you know 82% of Tribute recipients cry tears of joy?

How does Tribute work?

Creating a Tribute page is quick, fun, and easy to start!

Invite friends
Invite friends and family to join the celebration.
Collect videos
Everyone gets prompted to make and upload their video.
Compile Tribute
Drag and drop the videos in the order you like, or we'll do it for you!
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