For some people with dementia, the loss of short-term memory can make everyday life challenging, frustrating and isolating. But for those who have yet to lose all of their long-term memory, caregivers and care facilities are finding new ways to incorporate the comforting sights, sounds and stories that remain, into their daily routines. At Tribute, we hope to empower the dementia community with a new tool that lets loved ones, no matter where they are, share the meaningful memories that people with dementia can still access and enjoy—to help make even a small portion of the day less frightening, more familiar and, yes, normal. For some families, Tribute may simply serve as a daily reminder of the names of key family members and friends. For others, Tribute may provide a pacifying escape to a more familiar past. And for others still, it may mean a chance for those around the world to share their love with someone who can no longer leave their home or care center. It all depends on the type and stage of dementia your loved one has.


Some of our favorite memories...


Wondering how it works?

Creating a Tribute is simple and impactful.

In 3 easy steps, you can create a profoundly meaningful video montage for your loved one living with dementia. What will take you 10 minutes to compile can become a beneficial part of a helpful new routine.

Invite Your Loved Ones

Invite friends and family to share memories they have with your loved one.

Collect Videos

Everyone receives an invitation to share their videos in the same place.

Compile Your Tribute

Drag and drop the videos in the order you like and save the completed video.


What people are saying...

Give the gift of cherished memories

The impact this simple gesture can have on the day-to-day life of those living with dementia is immeasurable.