Create a video memorial for your loved one

We’ve teamed up with to help you preserve and share memories of your loved ones with a group video montage!

How Does It Work?

Creating a Tribute is quick, fun, and easy!

Invite Friends
Let everyone join in on the celebration.
Collect Videos
Everyone gets a prompt, makes a video and uploads it.
Compile & Share
Drag and drop the video in the order you like and share!
Start a Tribute in 60seconds or less!
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Tribute x ForeverMissed - A Meaningful Partnership

Tribute and ForeverMissed aim to create a  more meaningful message system that enhances the interaction between friends and family members at times of loss. is a place where people can create an online memorial to collect and share memories of the people they have lost. You do not need computer skills to create a website in memory of your loved ones. Now partnering with, allows us to make that experience more intimate by including a beautiful personalized video tribute.
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I wanted to thank you and your entire team for your support and help in creating this gift. It was my husband's 50th...he is European with friends and family abroad and Covid has made it so we haven’t seen anyone in a year. This gift he felt was truly one of the best gifts he has ever received. No price tag can be attached to this. Very grateful for your help. He was very touched and so very happy.
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I recently purchased a Tribute service for my mother's 80th birthday. I can't tell you how much our family appreciated the service you offer. She was alone on her 80th birthday, a country away from loved ones. However, this video made all of the difference in bringing family and friends near. She said that the day exceeded her expectations by 1000%. She could not have been happier and this was in large part to the Tribute video!
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This is such a great concept and wonderful service! I did a Tribute video for my daughter’s 16th birthday in January 2021. She absolutely loved it! I even had a cameo by the illustrious actress/songstress, Vanessa Williams. The video truly lifted Jordan’s spirits. She was extremely bummed about not having the big bash she’d been planning since she was 10!